03.06.2011 - Tornado F1> Trasacco, Abruzzo (Italien)

18.06.2011 01:43


Trasacco slightly N of Trasacco Abruzzo
Italy (41.97 N, 13.53 E)
03-06-2011 (Friday) 14:30 UTC (+/- 1 hrs.)

based on: information from photo or video of the event, an eye-witness report, a newspaper report, a report on a website
occurring over: land land use where event was first observed: rural area (crops, grassland, both or unknown)

report status: report confirmed (QC1)

contact: Thilo Kühne (ESWD management) [e-mail]

mehr unter ESWD/ESSL

Quelle: http://mmedia.kataweb.it/video/29805995/...iana-del-fucino


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