31.05.2010 - Tornado F0> Kanjiza Vojvodina (Serbien)

05.06.2010 04:06


Kanjiža Vojvodina
Serbia and/incl. Kosovo (46.07 N, 20.05 E)
31-05-2010 (Monday) 12:00 UTC (+/- 6 hrs.)

based on: information from photo or video of the event, a newspaper report, a television or radio broadcast, a report on a website
land use: land land use where event was first observed: land
accompanying weather: light or moderate rain, hail < 0.5 cm diameter, or snow pellets or snow grains.
The funnel cloud was observed.

report status: report confirmed (QC1)

contact: Jozef Kohut [e-mail]

Quelle: Idokep.hu


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05.06.2010 12:22

Net schlecht, überall rüsselts... Es wird zeit das bei uns wieder Gewitter kommen :)


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